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Upload and manage your pictures on your FTP

What is it ?

FTPix is a free software that provides an easy way to upload and share your pictures on internet. Select a picture, upload it to your FTP and you can now share this picture in many sizes and codes as HTML or forum code or simply the picture URL. Finally, tag your pictures to find them easily !

Downloads (2.4.3)

FTPix for Mac OS X
Requires 10.5 & intel
FTPix for Windows
Requires Java 1.6 (update 16+)
FTPix executable jar
Requires Java 1.6 (update 16+)




FTPix feature

Upload your pictures to your FTP and get the forum/html code straight to your clipboard.

FTPix feature

Get your pictures in thumbnails to fit your web pages or forum posts.

FTPix feature

Capture your desktop or a part of it and upload the screenshot to your FTP.

FTPix feature

Tag your pictures for a quick and easy search among all your pictures.

FTPix feature

Drop your pictures from your browser or your desktop to the drop box, the application window or the Dock icon (Mac OS only).

FTPix feature

Synchronize all your computers on a FTP then each one has the same picture list.